The Path to Next-Generation Data Collaboration for Retailers

To compensate for fewer in-store interactions while still gaining deep consumer insights, brands are amplifying digital investments through retail media networks. These networks have proven to be the golden ticket for retailers seeking better customer experiences, high-growth revenue streams, and a path for brands to access their first-party audiences. This session will highlight how brands can revolutionize how they collaborate with customer data in a privacy-first world and expand their spheres of influence—creating a neutral network where everybody wins.

What is covered:

  • Despite the increase in online spending, consumers aren’t abandoning brick-and-mortars completely. They are expecting more from their in-store experiences, as proven by this year’s back-to-school shopping results. Connecting online and offline data is crucial to gain a deeper understanding of your customers’ needs to better serve them across all touch points, including in-store, online and in-app.
  • Rethink your marketing strategies and leverage optimal data collaboration solutions to ensure a competitive advantage. By collaborating with right data partners, brands can unlock a breadth of new use cases, revenue streams and customer experiences, while also transforming the way they work with partners, in a safe and secure environment.
  • With increasing privacy regulations, first-party data collaboration and a secure data infrastructure is more crucial than ever. Privacy-enhancing technologies enable brands and retailers to enhance that safe data collaboration, build customer intelligence by making data accessible to partners, and maximize the value of data within carefully set controls.
3:30 PM - 3:50 PM (EDT)
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